ShowBox Latest Version: Get in touch with the latest version of the App

ShowBox Latest Version: Get in touch with the latest version of the App

Ever since the smartphone world came into the limelight, we have gathered various apps that happen to offer some of the finest services in our day-to-day lives. Technically, ShowBox has always been into the highlights such that no other streaming app comes to beat ShowBox. Developers have tremendously worked their level best in order to offer the best streaming as well as downloading service via the ShowBox app. And it was just a few months ago when serious ShowBox users have got their hands on its latest version. What we are going to do is present you the history of ShowBox versions and then come up with the all new ShowBox latest version, so keep reading on.

ShowBox Latest Version: Version History of the App

Let us now view the history of ShowBox version following in point wise description.

  • Version 4.92- Small Bug fixes in order to make the app faster.
  • Version 4.91- Users now don’t come across much issues connected to the tasks which can be found in the download section.
  • Version 4.90- The application barely crashes now.
  • Version 4.82- Short videos available on the entertainment application are played offering a faster speed.
  • Version 4.81- Contents can be searched with more ease and convenience.

With the ShowBox latest version (4.93), the following are the benefits that one gets in touch with. Some of the features and types are as follows:

  • License- Freeware
  • File Type- .Apk
  • File Size- 39.28 MB
  • Android Version- Android 4.0 & Higher
  • Additional Software- MX Player


ShowBox Latest Version: What are the benefits Provided?

Developers of ShowBox have released the new version on 27th of July 2017. Talking about the benefits received by ShowBox latest version we have quite a many to note down. First and foremost, with ShowBox apk latest version you are bound to experience the world class entertainment which is difficult for any other streaming or downloading app to offer you. Now that the latest version has come with new features, you will be beneficial to get all news kind of video contents as well as contents related to newly released things. ShowBox is best known for the user-friendly interface it offers, and nothing exception would be received with the all new ShowBox latest version.

The Final Words

So folks, in the end, hopefully, we have answered all things related to ShowBox latest version. And now if you have any further queries reach to us via the comment section below.


3 Coolest Gifts Ideas for Book Lovers

3 Coolest Gifts Ideas for Book Lovers

Have a bookworm in your life? Been wondering what to gift him/her? It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday season or it her/his birthday, you can’t take the risk of gifting a book, because what if your friend already owns that book. Let’s go for something off-beat this time, shall we? There are tons of gadgets that you can gift a book lover. Here we are going to suggest you 3 coolest gifts ideas for book lovers, namely, e-readers, Bluetooth speakers and a reading lamp.

E-book Reader

First up is an e-reader. Why do you need an e-reader in the first place right! Well, e-readers can add the experience of a different form of reading in your life. It’s a break from the monotony, and on a greater sense of the thing, it helps save trees. E-books are generally cheaper, and over the last couple of years, there has been a global rise in the number of e-book readers. You can always go for the renowned Amazon Kindle or any of the several other e-readers available in the market. Some of other ebook readers that you can go for include Kobo Glo HD, Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight Plus, etc


Bookshelf Speakers

Kind of an offbeat choice but it’s cool as hell when to listen to audiobooks using speakers. The whole family can listen to audiobooks using Bookshelf speakers, so you are practically gifting an entire family. In any book lover’s room, you are bound to find a bookshelf as a substitute for a wall with an ever growing collection of books laid bare. Try imagining a speaker there. Wouldn’t it be charming! Here’s our best recommendation for speakers on bookshelves: Audioengine Speakers and speakers by SVS, Sonus Faber, Wharfedale, Dali, Pioneer, etc.

Reading Lamps

Like it or not reading books in darkness with nothing but a torch can really affect your eyes in the worst ways. Any book reader, at one point or the other, has fallen prey to this habit. You can help change or prevent that by gifting him/her a nice piece of a reading lamp. Now there are different types of reading lamp available out in the market. What sort of lamp should you get, that really depends on what your friend needs and you will have to find that out if you don’t already.

Wrap Up:

That’s our suggestion for 3 coolest gift ideas for book lovers (or for whoever you are looking up these gifts for). Let’s just end by telling you the one that I would personally go for. Frankly, go for bookshelf speakers and trust me, you’d be glad you did.

The Design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will Certainly Get Redesigned

The Design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will Certainly Get Redesigned

Samsung, the South Korean technology entity is known for being in the top most list of the electronic companies. It has not only mastered in developing phones but also electronic devices such as fridge, television sets and what not. Even the laptops and tablets by Samsung are totally class apart. However, the company actually faced a humongous fiasco when they rolled out the gadget called Note 7 and the company certainly ended up receiving backlashes due to the failure of the device. People started filing complains while many decided not buy any of the products from the South Korean tech company.

And after all the ruckus as well as turmoil, Samsung actually came to a decision of discontinuing the device forever. There was a glitch in the manufacturing of the Note 7 which highly affected the batteries of the device. Therefore, it started blasting; the scenario was harmful for many and blasting of batteries affect a lot. And after actually investing a huge amount in buying the Note 7 people could not believe that it would be a failure and this certainly pissed of the buyers to a great extent. And soon after the fiasco Samsung discontinued it.


Therefore, it was important for the company, Samsung to concentrate on their other devices as the fiasco caused them a huge loss and they did lose out on money and also on respect. People who loved using the gadgets by Samsung also decided to boycott the company but now it seems that the company has started regaining the same respect from their buyers. Recently the Samsung Galaxy S8 was actually launched and it again created a huge and great buzz and even the features of it certainly seemed to be class apart. And now people are certainly mulling what the company has decided for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 had actually escalated the hopes of the people and this time it may come up with an all new design. So does that mean that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would actually end up sporting a completely redesigned outlook? This certainly has the chances and also the probabilities of actually happening.

Therefore, we could surely witness the S9 sporting the great outlook which is surely going to be revamped. However, Samsung Galaxy S9 in terms of it camera features is also going to be a step ahead. So the possibilities say that the upcoming device by Samsung may actually sport a better camera specification that the Galaxy S8.

However, talking about the processor we may actually end up seeing the Galaxy S9 getting equipped with a better and obviously a faster processor than the Galaxy S8 as well. And even the internal space of the smartphone might certainly get revamped. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be powerful and more optimum.

Nothing much can be actually be said regarding the Samsung Galaxy S9 right now because the company released the S8 just before few months and right now people are sinking into the feeling of using the Galaxy S8.

LG V30: To be rolled out on the market in two Variants?

LG V30: To be rolled out on the market in two Variants?

In late 2016, LG V20 popularity exceeded faster because the flagship was the first smartphone to be sporting Android 7.0 Nougat. Now after some couple of days, we have high hopes for the next LG V30. But we know the upcoming flagship is in its developing process and is months away from its release. LG, the South Korean tech giant, has got unique plans with the V30 device.  One of the most talked about highlights has been the LG V10 and V20’s secondary display. In spite of the huge setback suffered by LG with their G5 device, the company has long been speculated to bring new features with the V30 flagship, with a probable comeback attempt.

With the next flagship, LG developers are speculated to manufacture a unique device, LG V30. Some of the key specs have long been predicted which might come up with the next LG V30. But as LG V30 release date is concerned, that might be the biggest question. Nothing yet has been confirmed till now, but via the Google’s annual I/O developer conference we get to know this device will get launch in this year.

One of the variants might sport a memory of 6GB of DDR3 Ram and 32GB of storage; while the other might feature memory of 8 GB RAM and 64 GB onboard storage. LG V20’s camera has somewhat gone through criticism. But LG V30 might sport a selfie camera of 8 MP. The LG V30 display is speculated to come with a capacitive touchscreen of 5.7-inch IPS LCD and is expected to sport the new Gorilla Glass 5 for screen protection.


With LG V30, it would not be something huge if we expect the flagship to sport a fingerprint scanner. As we have already witnessed LG V20 sport a fingerprint scanner at the rear panel, but this time fans want the scanner in the home panel (in front). Next, in the queue fans have high expectations from the device to come with an IP68 water resistivity. By that, your device would be safe from external damages.

Wrap Up…
With a host of premium features, big tech giants are going to come up with their latest devices in 2017. When talking about LG V30, the price speculation also has been somewhat given as a prediction. As per V10, the device was pegged with a price of $411 in the year 2015 and V20 rolled out with a price tag of $809. So with LG V30, we can speculate the device to roll out with a price tag of $900 & $1000 with 32 GB / 6 GB RAM variant, and the other for the 64 GB / 8 GB RAM variant would be available between the price tag of $1100 & $1200.

Galaxy Note 8: Features and Release Date; Latest News and Rumors

Galaxy Note 8: Features and Release Date; Latest News and Rumors

Galaxy Note 8: Already with Note 7, Samsung has suffered a lot due to the explosion of the device which brought up setting off the fire. And thereby we witnessed the flagship to be ceased by the company immediately. Then, it was the month of October when Samsung made their final decision after a couple of investigations. Now, even not a year has passed and we witness so much of current speculations about the next Samsung Galaxy Note 7. All Thanksgiving goes to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus release. We now have the idea of the host of features that are going to roll out with the upcoming Note 8 device.

Galaxy Note 8 Features: With a groundbreaking screen (as always by Note series) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to make a comeback; well as speculations say. As predicted by some tech enthusiasts, Note 8 is going to sport a pixel dense 4K display. And as strong intuitions carry us, we speculate Note 8 to be having a 4K screen. The new flagship might roll out with a screen size of 6.2 inches display. But a bigger one is also come out with a possibility of the 6.4-inch screen. Surprisingly, the upcoming device might have an Infinity Display; similar like that of Galaxy S8 with a bezel-free 18.5:9 display. But all these are just a room for speculations. As per the rumors, Note 8 is speculated to be having a pressure-sensitive screen which will be coming up with various options and menus. Note 8 might not look absolutely different from that of glass and metal, but fingerprint sensors are much of the highlighted spec for the time being. Samsung has always delivered hi-tech camera, so with Galaxy Note 8, and it is anticipated that Note 8 would sport a 12 MP wide-angle lens for the dual-lens camera on the rear panel and selfie shooter of 8 MP. Note 8 is expected to be packed up with 3,500mAh. Samsung might go bigger in terms of safety; and, we are not ready to experience another explosion like that of Note 7.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date: Samsung has been much consistent about the launch of their flagships, so if at all they go by the trend, we can expect the device to arrive this year itself. Much to our speculation, Galaxy Note 8 is going to get released fall of 2017. Unfortunately, no official news has yet been announced by the tech company, so waiting is the ultimate option for us.

Will iPad Pro 2 Come in 3 Variations?

Will iPad Pro 2 Come in 3 Variations?

Whenever a tech entity or a company plans of developing the next version of a device which is already in the market they actually plan of including some more variants of the new version. Sometimes it end up sporting some more variants than the previous version and at times the number remains the same. Likewise, even the iPad Pro 2 may just get unveiled in three variants which would certainly be exciting for all the users of Apple. However, the rumors related to the variants are certainly doing all the rounds as one variant may be of 12.9-inches while the other can be of 10.5-inches and the third one could be actually of 9.7-inches. But there has not been any kind of confirmation regarding the variants of the iPad Pro 2.

The iPad Pro which we saw getting unveiled in 2015 also came up with the 12.9-inched and the 9.7-inches but it seems that the 10.5-inches variant might be something new for the iPad Pro 2. People after hearing this news based on the iPad Pro 2 have actually got excited and cannot wait to see how many variants the tablet actually might roll out. The iPad Pro got sold in many units and people hardly came up with any sort of complain regarding the tablet because they actually fell in love with the gadget which was developed by the tech entity Apple.

Apple has actually stunned its consumers each time with the different kind of devices that it rolls out. Even the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus was no less as it acquired many great and good reviews. Therefore, the iPad Pro 2 is bound to grab attention once again as the developers will now certainly try their utmost to make the next tablet in the series even more optimum and awesome.


However, the iPad Pro 2 might just be equipped with the unibody meta chassis which would surely be eye catchy. Therefore, the envisions regarding the outlook of the tablet by Apple has already been guessed. And the iPad Pro might even end up featuring a class apart outlook which would be great for its buyers.

Therefore, the hopes regarding the tablet has already gone high and the speculations based on it indicates that the forthcoming tablet in the iPad Pro series will be a real game changer for all the tablets which will be rolled out this year.

However, even the camera features of the iPad Pro 2 will surely get revamped as the original tablet got launched almost 2 years back. And the expectations and the needs of the people since then has actually changed a lot in fact it has gone higher.

Therefore, the tech experts actually have to make the iPad Pro 2 quite amazing wyhich would end up garnering only great responses. Anyway the devices by Apple has been mostly appreciated and have stood up to the envisions of the consumers.

And even the iPad Pro 2 is actually expected to keep all the hopes intact.

iPhone 8 May Be Coming in 2017 With True Wireless Charging Technology

iPhone 8 May Be Coming in 2017 With True Wireless Charging Technology

One of the biggest questions surrounding Apple’s 2017 reveals happens to surround the elusive iPhone 8. While the world is lying eagerly in wait for what is believed to be the next addition in the company’s revolutionary flagship line up, many speculations suggest that 2017 might not even be the year of the iPhone 8.

There are reasons behind these conjectures, because Apple famously unveils updated variants of their existing new mainstream model before releasing another one with a wholly new numeric. But at the same time, some rumors suggest that all that will change this year. And that’s because 2017 is a big one for the iPhone- it marks the completion of ten full years since the first iPhone came out and changed the way people looked at smartphones.

But the iPhone 8 has been the subject of numerous speculations, and not just because we don’t quite know when Apple plans to release the iPhone 8. Let’s take a look at the iPhone 7 before we delve any further into it. Last year’s release brought some interesting new features for fans along with some major upheavals in all that we were used to. But truth be told, the latest entry left a lot to be desired, for though it aimed at novelty, there wasn’t much in terms of an out and out overhaul. Well, all that’s supposed to change in the iPhone 8.

Despite the company’s strict silence over their upcoming projects, it is no secret that they are currently working on some great new technology that the upcoming device is said to be sporting. And one of these is the addition of true wireless charging, and it won’t be as simple as we imagine it to be.

The iPhone 8’s wireless charging feature has long been rumored by analysts and latest information points towards Apple working with the likes of Foxconn and Energous to deliver a system in the iPhone 8 that will let it charge from distances of up to several feet. In addition to that, Apple has also filed a number of patents that hint at possibilities, some of which date back to 2010.

So all this boils down to mean one thing, that Apple is taking wireless charging seriously. But what makes analysts so sure that 2017 will be the year when Apple successfully incorporates the tech into the iPhone?

Well, one of the primary reasons behind the speculation happens to be insider information, if that can ever be trusted. But according to what these sources have revealed to notable publications, Apple’s tech is going far beyond traditional methods that use a charging mat for the process. But the worrisome bit is that the new tech is still being tested out, which means there will be some wait before the company can actually launch it to the public.

But Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has maintained that the 2017 iPhone will come with truly wireless charging. He even adds that there will be three new iPhone models that are to be rolled out this year, and all three may quite possibly bring in the feature. But while Apple already has wireless charging for a few of the devices in their family, this is said to be markedly different than existing systems.

And one of the key players in the matter is expected to be Energous, the California based company that is rumored to have entered a significant partnership with a leading tech corporation some time back. Energous has long been working on its own wireless charging tech which the company calls WattUp.

But does this warrant that the technology will be brought on board the new iPhone 8 in 2017? It is difficult to say, seeing as many are not even sure that the iPhone 8 will be released in 2017 with Apple launching the intermediary iPhone 7S instead. But it looks like Apple might just make an exception for their big one this year.