Month: August 2017

ShowBox Latest Version: Get in touch with the latest version of the App

ShowBox Latest Version: Get in touch with the latest version of the App

Ever since the smartphone world came into the limelight, we have gathered various apps that happen to offer some of the finest services in our day-to-day lives. Technically, ShowBox has always been into the highlights such that no other streaming app comes to beat ShowBox. Developers have tremendously worked their level best in order to offer the best streaming as well as downloading service via the ShowBox app. And it was just a few months ago when serious ShowBox users have got their hands on its latest version. What we are going to do is present you the history of ShowBox versions and then come up with the all new ShowBox latest version, so keep reading on.

ShowBox Latest Version: Version History of the App

Let us now view the history of ShowBox version following in point wise description.

  • Version 4.92- Small Bug fixes in order to make the app faster.
  • Version 4.91- Users now don’t come across much issues connected to the tasks which can be found in the download section.
  • Version 4.90- The application barely crashes now.
  • Version 4.82- Short videos available on the entertainment application are played offering a faster speed.
  • Version 4.81- Contents can be searched with more ease and convenience.

With the ShowBox latest version (4.93), the following are the benefits that one gets in touch with. Some of the features and types are as follows:

  • License- Freeware
  • File Type- .Apk
  • File Size- 39.28 MB
  • Android Version- Android 4.0 & Higher
  • Additional Software- MX Player


ShowBox Latest Version: What are the benefits Provided?

Developers of ShowBox have released the new version on 27th of July 2017. Talking about the benefits received by ShowBox latest version we have quite a many to note down. First and foremost, with ShowBox apk latest version you are bound to experience the world class entertainment which is difficult for any other streaming or downloading app to offer you. Now that the latest version has come with new features, you will be beneficial to get all news kind of video contents as well as contents related to newly released things. ShowBox is best known for the user-friendly interface it offers, and nothing exception would be received with the all new ShowBox latest version.

The Final Words

So folks, in the end, hopefully, we have answered all things related to ShowBox latest version. And now if you have any further queries reach to us via the comment section below.


3 Coolest Gifts Ideas for Book Lovers

3 Coolest Gifts Ideas for Book Lovers

Have a bookworm in your life? Been wondering what to gift him/her? It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday season or it her/his birthday, you can’t take the risk of gifting a book, because what if your friend already owns that book. Let’s go for something off-beat this time, shall we? There are tons of gadgets that you can gift a book lover. Here we are going to suggest you 3 coolest gifts ideas for book lovers, namely, e-readers, Bluetooth speakers and a reading lamp.

E-book Reader

First up is an e-reader. Why do you need an e-reader in the first place right! Well, e-readers can add the experience of a different form of reading in your life. It’s a break from the monotony, and on a greater sense of the thing, it helps save trees. E-books are generally cheaper, and over the last couple of years, there has been a global rise in the number of e-book readers. You can always go for the renowned Amazon Kindle or any of the several other e-readers available in the market. Some of other ebook readers that you can go for include Kobo Glo HD, Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight Plus, etc


Bookshelf Speakers

Kind of an offbeat choice but it’s cool as hell when to listen to audiobooks using speakers. The whole family can listen to audiobooks using Bookshelf speakers, so you are practically gifting an entire family. In any book lover’s room, you are bound to find a bookshelf as a substitute for a wall with an ever growing collection of books laid bare. Try imagining a speaker there. Wouldn’t it be charming! Here’s our best recommendation for speakers on bookshelves: Audioengine Speakers and speakers by SVS, Sonus Faber, Wharfedale, Dali, Pioneer, etc.

Reading Lamps

Like it or not reading books in darkness with nothing but a torch can really affect your eyes in the worst ways. Any book reader, at one point or the other, has fallen prey to this habit. You can help change or prevent that by gifting him/her a nice piece of a reading lamp. Now there are different types of reading lamp available out in the market. What sort of lamp should you get, that really depends on what your friend needs and you will have to find that out if you don’t already.

Wrap Up:

That’s our suggestion for 3 coolest gift ideas for book lovers (or for whoever you are looking up these gifts for). Let’s just end by telling you the one that I would personally go for. Frankly, go for bookshelf speakers and trust me, you’d be glad you did.