Best iOS11 Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Best iOS11 Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

iOS has always emerged as a superpower among the market, and they are not leaving an edge for their competitors, and they bring some very exciting and cool function such as an update to the Siri, iMessage, photos and so on. As it was released a short time ago and this is what all we want to get as soon as possible. One of the good news for the iOS user is that it has some very new interesting features that you all would want to know so here are they the tips and tricks for the new iOS11.


The top 10 tips and tricks for the iOS10 and hope these tips help you, so as they follows:

Deleting the build in apps:

 Sounds cool, as it has been a complaint of many iOS users that the build in apps are eating a lot of memory and they want to get rid of, so all for you guys now you have the power in iOS11 the apps that you don’t want just simply delete it. And now you can feel free. Which was

Flashlight intensity in your hand:

One of the interesting features now set the intensity of the flashlight just in one click. All you need to do is if you call the control center and apply the 3D touch to the flashlight icon now you can choose what kind of intensity you want just select it and more.

Know who’s calling through Siri:

If you are driving or away from your phone, in this case, Siri will just pronounce the name or the number of the incoming number. More update will be provided to Siri.

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 Messages got a boost:

Now the iMessage has more emoji’s, and you can send handwritten notes and contextual prediction are way too smart e.g. if your friend asks “where are you”  than option will appear showing your current location.

Clear all notifications with one tap:

In the older iOS as when you have lots of notification, you have just to delete single by single notifications now in the iOS11 this is in one tap.

Optimize storage:

Now, this you all will love, in the storage optimization feature the system will automatically delete songs from the user’s music library if they have been not use from a long time.

Find your parked car:

The new iOS11 Update is very smart as whenever you park your car it pins the location in the map, so you don’t have to waste time in finding the car.

Now book uber/left with the help of Siri:

Looks like Siri has also gone through some boosting steps, now book your ride by using Siri.

Voicemail transcription:

Now iOS11 can listen to and transcribe the voicemail for your ease. You just have to activate it from where you listen to the voicemail.

No more swipe to open:

iOS 11 has now changed the way you open your iPhone no more swipe now it runs on the Touch id. Which you could access the settings.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 Tablet Leaks With A Curved Display

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 Tablet Leaks With A Curved Display


It seems that new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 render has just emerged. If you want to sure about this news then you will see the three images given here. The first image shows the Galaxy Tab S2 from the back side, the second picture is showing recent FCC sketch of galaxy Tab 3 next to Galaxy Tab S2 and it is also from the rear side. The final and third picture is the reportedly upcoming Galaxy Tab S3.

You can see the feature of the tablet is a curved display on its right and left sides. It is surely a surprise as very few people anticipated that Galaxy Tab S3 to come with a curved display. This also goes in the same way with Galaxy s7 Edge and both Galaxy S8 & Galaxy s8 plus as this model also rumored to come with the curved display. It makes sense that these curves on the sides of Galaxy Tab S3 do not seem to be as claimed as the ones on the Galaxy S7 Edge because this feature would be hard to use this tablet. Though nothing has been confirmed yet but looking at the leaking picture and rumor we get an indication that Samsung might not publish a flat display variation of the Galaxy Tab S3.


Now if you looking thoroughly at the tablet then you will notice it has physical buttons of four and home key is barely visible nowhere. The volume keys of the tablet are placed on the left side of the device and the power key is detected on the right. Hope you will also point out that there is another button on the right side of the device and most probably this could be the highly discussed Bixby Button. This button will help to activate Samsung’s AI assistant, Bixby. You surely notice the rear side image of the tablet though for some reason the physical keys of it’s like to be utilized in different places and this is really confusing. The source of these images and information does not clarify much about these all.

Now come to the feature of this device. According to the information, Galaxy Tab S3 will come with 9.6-inch 2048 x 1536 pixel AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM and 32GB / 128GB of vernacular storage. The device will be powered by Snapdragon 820 64-bit quad-core processor and the new version of Android Nougat.  It will come pre-installed with custom UI of Samsung. The camera of the rear side will be 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel shooter will be given on the front side of this tablet. Samsung probably plans to release both Wi-Fi only and 4G LTE variants of their new tablet.