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Apple iOS 11 and a fan made feature list

Apple iOS 11 and a fan made feature list

Apple’s fortunes are on an upswing as they are all set to introduce the new Apple iOS 11 beta at the WWDC event from June 5 2017. This newest operating system is the latest and the best in safety, security, and certainly, features. The new iOS 11 will have a lot of important features which will have a better effect overall. Towards this end, the Cupertino-based technological giant has also gone ahead with a slew of investments, both monetary and physical, which are said to have offset the development process in a number of ways. The process is a long and arguably arduous one as well, more proof that the process, in order to be expedited, must also be made simpler in pragmatic terms.


The new Apple iOS 11 is one of the most important software updates to have hit the shelves in recent times. The OS update comes in the wake of the dreadful ransomware attacks which have plagued the society at large. This is one of the most recent attacks to have taken place in the light of such events. However, it is also a fact that while there is a slight lag in terms of cyber security, many people have often boasted that they can beat the system as well. There is a new normal in the offing as well. Some such incidents have been reported from the rogue state of North Korea as well. In fact, it is also essential that the new iOS 11 is one of the most essential software in the history of software which has traditionally seen a slew of important software as well.

One of the most important features to arrive on the new iOS 11 is the fact that the new iOS is one of the most secure of all the operating systems to have hit the market. There is also on offer an extra secure and safer option which has been released upon the big wide world.

We must confess that one of the first things to keep in mind is the fact that the new iOS 11 will not only e a safest but it will also be a naturally colorful OS which is tremendously important as far as the software is concerned. In any case, it is very important to remember the fact that many users have complained the fact that the new OS must have a better Siri.That is correct: Apple, which was the foremost in the run-up to the AI war, must always be remembered by the fact that it had indeed been waylaid as far as the Ai digital assistant war is concerned now.

It is true that the new Siri will be a lot smarter and a lot faster than the previous versions as well. Many essential items could not be handled with proper adeptness by Siri..until now. It remains to be seen how smart Siri is on the new and top notch iOS 11. There is a lot of news and rumors about the new OS now. Too little too late it might not be, however, as Apple revs up for a fight.