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iPhone 8 May Be Coming in 2017 With True Wireless Charging Technology

iPhone 8 May Be Coming in 2017 With True Wireless Charging Technology

One of the biggest questions surrounding Apple’s 2017 reveals happens to surround the elusive iPhone 8. While the world is lying eagerly in wait for what is believed to be the next addition in the company’s revolutionary flagship line up, many speculations suggest that 2017 might not even be the year of the iPhone 8.

There are reasons behind these conjectures, because Apple famously unveils updated variants of their existing new mainstream model before releasing another one with a wholly new numeric. But at the same time, some rumors suggest that all that will change this year. And that’s because 2017 is a big one for the iPhone- it marks the completion of ten full years since the first iPhone came out and changed the way people looked at smartphones.

But the iPhone 8 has been the subject of numerous speculations, and not just because we don’t quite know when Apple plans to release the iPhone 8. Let’s take a look at the iPhone 7 before we delve any further into it. Last year’s release brought some interesting new features for fans along with some major upheavals in all that we were used to. But truth be told, the latest entry left a lot to be desired, for though it aimed at novelty, there wasn’t much in terms of an out and out overhaul. Well, all that’s supposed to change in the iPhone 8.

Despite the company’s strict silence over their upcoming projects, it is no secret that they are currently working on some great new technology that the upcoming device is said to be sporting. And one of these is the addition of true wireless charging, and it won’t be as simple as we imagine it to be.

The iPhone 8’s wireless charging feature has long been rumored by analysts and latest information points towards Apple working with the likes of Foxconn and Energous to deliver a system in the iPhone 8 that will let it charge from distances of up to several feet. In addition to that, Apple has also filed a number of patents that hint at possibilities, some of which date back to 2010.

So all this boils down to mean one thing, that Apple is taking wireless charging seriously. But what makes analysts so sure that 2017 will be the year when Apple successfully incorporates the tech into the iPhone?

Well, one of the primary reasons behind the speculation happens to be insider information, if that can ever be trusted. But according to what these sources have revealed to notable publications, Apple’s tech is going far beyond traditional methods that use a charging mat for the process. But the worrisome bit is that the new tech is still being tested out, which means there will be some wait before the company can actually launch it to the public.

But Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has maintained that the 2017 iPhone will come with truly wireless charging. He even adds that there will be three new iPhone models that are to be rolled out this year, and all three may quite possibly bring in the feature. But while Apple already has wireless charging for a few of the devices in their family, this is said to be markedly different than existing systems.

And one of the key players in the matter is expected to be Energous, the California based company that is rumored to have entered a significant partnership with a leading tech corporation some time back. Energous has long been working on its own wireless charging tech which the company calls WattUp.

But does this warrant that the technology will be brought on board the new iPhone 8 in 2017? It is difficult to say, seeing as many are not even sure that the iPhone 8 will be released in 2017 with Apple launching the intermediary iPhone 7S instead. But it looks like Apple might just make an exception for their big one this year.